Tutoring Teacher

Rachel has a Bachelor Degree in Education (Primary) which she completed in New Zealand at The University of Waikato, graduating in 2014. Whilst studying, she developed a passion for the teaching of English.

During her training and thereafter, she was employed as a private tutor, with a focus on reading comprehension. She gained great satisfaction in seeing her students improve their levels in this skill area.

Her teaching style and philosophy focusses on the importance of individual learning. Acknowledging that each child has their own learning needs, and creating lessons that they are able to understand in their own time. She believes that providing children opportunities to learn at their own pace, explore, and utilise their curiosity to learn in a positive and encouraging environment is vital.

It is Rachel’s belief that students should enjoy learning, and she uses a variety of teaching methods to keep learning fun and interesting. Allowing students to express themselves and to challenge themselves outside their comfort zone results in effective teaching and learning.